Hut test

Season end 2014
30. September 2014
Valley in snow
Winter room closed 2014/15
16. October 2014

Hut test

Sulzenau hut, Stubai High Trail

Sulzenau hut at Stubai High Trail

Thank you very much for the positive rating at Hut test! You made us to the best rated hut at the Stubai High Trail 😀

This first season was quite intensive for us and we are glad about numerous positive feedback. But, we got also critics in the Hut test. For improvements we are anxious and your feedback is influencing the hut conversion. We are curious about how you like the Sulzenau hut after the renovation!

   Rating result at 09.10.2014
 Rating Hut Votes
 2.69 Starkenburger Hütte 13
 2.26 Franz-Senn-Hütte 56
 2.59 Regensburger Hütte 37
 1.90 Dresdner Hütte 31
 1.86 Sulzenauhütte 99
 1.97 Nürnberger Hütte 34
 2.15 Bremer Hütte 21
 2.28 Innsbrucker Hütte 22

(the lower the better)