Magic sunlight at the Mairspitze

Stubai light in the mountains by Martina & Guus Reinartz
Stubai light in the mountains
9. June 2016
Sulzenau hut - Stubai High Trail
Season start 2017: 10. June 2017 and end beginning of October 2017
31. January 2017

Magic sunlight at the Mairspitze


Mairspitze in dawn

Mairspitze: twice a day, when the golden hour starts at sunrise and sunset, the sun presents us with a magical moment in nature.

In the morning nature awakens and starts with quiet preparations for the day.
In the evening nature calms down, the animal kingdom closes the day and us humans return from nature into our homes.

One main thing all different cultures have in common is the significance of the sun.
No matter which culture, whether humans, animals or plants – the sun connects all of us.
And we all love and need the sun.
People enjoy sunshine in the mountains, at the seaside or wherever else they are. Animals do the same, but of course in their own way.

Also the sunflower turns its characteristic head towards the sun at sunrise and follows the course of the sun during the day until sunset.
Twice a day the sun works its magic and spreads its red light magically across nature.
If you have time to enjoy this golden hour, you will never forget it again – one moment you want to relive again day after day.

More than 50 minutes sunrise at the Mairspitze in time lapse (15 seconds)

Photos of sunrise on Mairspitze

Mairspitze during sunrise


Blaue Lacke

Wilder Freiger