Stubai and Sulzenau

The valley and it’s mountains

The Stubai valley, ist the biggest side valley of Wipptal (Wipp valley) and is located south-west of Innsbruck. In the valley end area is framed on both sides with steep-sided Dolostone montains (Kalkkögel and Serleskamm). Starting in the middle of the valley, the summits are increasing to the origin in the Alpine ridge to 3507 m (Zuckerhütl). Futher known and in circles of mountaineers – climbers favored Summits ot Stubaian Alps are Habicht (3277 m), the Wilder Freiger (3418 m), the Schrankogel (3496 m) and the Ruderhofspitze (3473 m). The straight valley allows nearly from every spot, to view to origin of the valley, which is covered by glacial ice and snow. The conjunction of the symetric ground slopes, results into a harmonic landscape, which is refered in literature very often.  Main river of the valley is the Ruetz, it flows below the Brenner street at the Stefans Bridge at 680 m sea level in Sill. The biggest side valleys are the Schlicker -, the Pinnis – and the Oberbergtal valley. In the drainage area are nearly twenty bigger and Numeros smaler glaciers, whereby the Ruetz is showing a very intense glacial river characteristic, with day time and season strongly changing discharge.