13. July 2014
Blue Lake - Stubai High Trail


13. July 2014
Sulzenau hut in Panorama

View bench Übergschritt (2234m)

We follow the trail towards Nürnbergerhütte, in an easterly direction over the Sulzauer river bridge. Before the trail descends into the valley basin of the Freiger […]
13. July 2014
Zuckerhütel during sunrise

Viewpoint Zuckerhütl (2400m)

We leave Sulzenauhütte in a south-westerly direction, towards the Sulzenau glacier. At the first fork in the trail, we follow the trail towards Trögler until Pfaffenlehner, […]
14. July 2014
The Blue Lake

Blue Lake (2289m)

14. July 2014
Flying Fox at Sulzenau hut

Flying Fox

Directly beside the hut is a 60m long steel cable, which stretches over the Sulzauer river. With our harness equipment, it is possible to experience the […]
14. July 2014

Gamsspitzl (3052m)

The trail leaves Sulzenauhütte in an easterly direction over the Sulzauer river via the footbridge. There follows a 50m ascent into the basin of the Freiger […]
14. July 2014
Geocaching at Stubai High Trail


Q: Firstly…what is geocaching? A: The world’s biggest, most addictive treasure hunt… According to Wikipedia, geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use […]
14. July 2014
Grosser Trögler

Großer Trögler (2902m) – Stubai High Trail

Difficulty: Moderately difficult (absolute sure-footedness and no vertigo problems essential) The trail to the Großer Trögler is a part of the Stubai high trail and it […]