Aperer Freiger (3262m)

1070 meters

Height difference

3,5 hours

Ascent time

3 hours

Descent time

Moderately difficult


Difficulty: Moderately difficult (absolute sure-footednessand no problems with vertigo essential)

From the hut in a south-westerly direction, we walk past the turn to Trögler and continue to the second fork in the trail, where the sign for „Aperer Freiger“ directs us over the stream and up past Blue Lake. We continue over the orographic right-side moraine of the Sulzenau Glacier, in the direction Fernerstube until the sign „Aperer Freiger“. Then we hike over block work, following the painted markings until the look-out point called Hundsheim. From here we continue in a southerly direction on the high plateau, always following the markings until the ascent of the western slope of the Aperer Freiger. The last hour involves hiking over the light Blockgrad until the summit. Upon descent, it is possible to take a different route from Hundsheim over the Fernerstube, thereby completing a loop trail.