Großer Trögler (2902m) – Stubai High Trail

700 meters

Height difference

2.5 hours

Ascent time

2 hours

Descent time

Moderately difficult


Difficulty: Moderately difficult (absolute sure-footedness and no vertigo problems essential)

The trail to the Großer Trögler is a part of the Stubai high trail and it leaves Sulzenauhütte in a westerly direction to the trail fork Trögler, before turning right over moderately steep terrain (moraine / high alpine landscape) until the Pfaffenlehner. The path then becomes steep, serpenting its way up the mountain, with sections secured with steel cable to aid a safe ascent to the Kleiner Trögler. From here, further left on the ridge is moderately difficult until the summit cross of the Größer Trögler. On the other side it is possible to descend to the Dresdnerhütte. This trail is no more difficult than the trail to Größer Trögler.

However, we strongly advise to avoid this trail in wet weather or after snowfall – in these conditions, it is extremely dangerous.