Mairspitze (2781m) – Stubai High Trail

600 meter

Height difference

2.5 hours

Ascent time

2 hours

Descent time

Moderately difficult


Difficulty: Mostly easy until final ascent, then moderately difficult (sure-footedness and no vertigo problems recommended)

The trail to the Mairspitze is a part of the Stubai high trail and it leaves Sulzenauhütte in an easterly direction over the Sulzauer stream via the footbridge. There follows a 50m hike into the basin of the Freiger glacier (Seitenmoränen, Stirnmoränen). Ít continues further over the Grünau river up the moraine until Lake Grünau. Then a sign points us in a north-easterly direction to the next fork in the trail (Niederl-Mairspitze). From there, the trail traverses a softer landscape past more mountain lakes until the top part. Now the trail becomes moderately steep, then even steeper as it serpents up the mountainside (small parts of the track are secured with fixed steel cables to aid ascent). This continues until the summit cross of the Mairspitze. On the other side of the summit, it is possible to descend to Nürnbergerhütte. This trail is no more difficult than that from Sulzenauhütte.

Over 50 minutes sunrise on Mairspitze in time lapse (15 seconds)

Photos of sunrise on Mairspitze

Mairspitze during sunrise 2016


Blue Lake

Wilder Freiger


Lake Sulzenau