View bench Übergschritt (2234m)


Height difference

15 minutes

Ascent time

15 minutes

Descent time



We follow the trail towards Nürnbergerhütte, in an easterly direction over the Sulzauer river bridge. Before the trail descends into the valley basin of the Freiger glacier, we take a left turn over the high grassy knoll, past a small lake to the look-out bench, which stands on a distinctive stone platform. From the bank we can see the entire surroundings of Sulzenau, from the floor of the Sulzenau Alm (with its farm buildings) over the cliff-dropping waterfall, to the hut, which sits on her throne over the natural glacial cauldron. To the left we can also see the entire Trögler ridge, the Sulzenau glacier, the Sulzenaukogel. And at the very back, we can even see as far as the Freiger glacier, Urfallspitze, Niederl and Mairspitze. On the opposite side, the Ruderhofspitze with the Grawawandferner captures your eye.

A grandiose panoramic overview of the stunning high alpine country of the Stubai Alps.