Sulzenau Glacier (2500m)


Height difference

1 hour

Ascent time

35 minutes

Descent time



Through the back valley floor of the Sulzenau:

We follow the trail towards Peiljoch (south-west). About 50 metres after the second fork in the trail, the Wild Water trail swings left to the orographic left side of the Sulzauer river until the valley end. The landscape rises typically as it approaches the glacier, in stages, up until the glacier itself. The spectacular wild waters are a constant companion. After reaching the glacier’s gate, the trail offers you the option of continuing over the west ridge (Peiljoch). At the ridge peak of the moraine, the Wild Water trail meets the descending trail of the Peiljoch, which leads us back to the hut again. In any case, it should be noted that the Beiljoch trail contains a few places where people suffering from vertigo may encounter difficulties.

The above-described loop to the glacier and back to the hut takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes in total. The small detour to the ridge of the Beiljoch adds a further 30 minutes to the trip.