Viewpoint Zuckerhütl (2400m)

200 meters

Height difference

45 minutes

Ascent time

20 minutes

Descent time



We leave Sulzenauhütte in a south-westerly direction, towards the Sulzenau glacier. At the first fork in the trail, we follow the trail towards Trögler until Pfaffenlehner, which is where the upper half of the rockclimbing wall is, before the trail to Trögler becomes really steep. The Pfaffenlehner is a natural look-out turret from which we can see everything behind the hut in the high valley. It is the first opportunity to clearly see a view of the Zuckerhütl – with 3507m, the highest peak of the Stubai Alps. The majestic Zuckerhütl throned by Sulzenau glacier is simply alluring.